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Tired of fogged lenses?

Wearing a facemask is now part of our daily routine but safety is priority to defeat Covid-19 and we all need to do our part. Unfortunately as you may well have experienced, wearing a facemask can cause irritation, because as you breathe you find that your lenses fog constantly.

Fogged lenses are no longer a problem

We've seen so many customers asking us "How do I stop my glasses lenses from fogging or misting up?". There are a number of useful tips to help the problem, such as making sure your mask sits under your spectacles, or even taping your mask down has been said to help! However, we want to offer you a couple of solutions which are practical and effective. 

Fogged lenses are a thing of the past
Fogged lenses are a thing of the past

Nano Magic anti-fog drops are a fantastic solution to your steamed lenses! The benefits are:

  • The liquid solution delivers fog-free performance with just a few drops
  • It is most effective when used with the microfiber cloth provided
  • Conveniently sized bottle which fits in handbags, backpacks, briefcases, gym bags etc.
  • Effective of spectacles, protective goggles and face shields to eliminate fog due to heat, cold or high humidity
  • Silicone-free formulation goes on clear with no haze
  • 1 bottle will provide approximately 300 treatments

Pick up your Nano Magic Longer Lasting Safety Kit from any of our seven stores.

UPDATE: Nano Magic is now supplied in a bottle 300% bigger than previously... for the same great price!

Nano Magic anti-fog drops


Anti-fog wipes as an alternative to drops...

We also provide No Fog high performance glasses lens cleaning wipes - boxed in 30's or 100's. These are pre-moistened super anti-fog wet tissues, ideal for all kinds of lenses. Each wipe lasts up to 24 hours and they contain an anti-static formula plus a lovely fresh lemon scent! Safe for multi-coated glasses lenses, sunglasses, cameras, motorcycle helmet visors, and any clear shields.

No Fog wipes

Always clean the lenses first to ensure best performance. Wipe your lenses and leave the formula to dry. These wipes contain mild traces of alcohol which acts as an evaporator, giving rapid drying time to allow you to wear your glasses right away!

Nano Magic drops and No Fog wipes are available at all stores. 

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