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The Hearing Care Partnership
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For many years we have proudly partnered with The Hearing Care Partnership.

With a fantastic team of fully qualified audiologists, THCP know how much of an impact hearing loss can have, not only on those who suffer with the condition, but also on those family and friends around them. 

It's a known fact that when hearing loss goes untreated, it can easily lead to social isolation, anxiety, depression, more risk of severe falls and even dementia. However, even with all of those risks, very few people who could benefit from hearing aids actually wear them.

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Goodbye to the stigma

Regain your confidence

The stigma around wearing hearing aids is largely to blame for the reluctancy of so many, to wear them. Some may worry about being seen as "disabled" and are simply too embarrassed to even explore the possibility of hearing aids, feeling people might make fun of them.

In recent years though, hearing aids have come a long, long way. They are very discreet, extremely advanced and carry some fantastic features that you may not be aware of!
Many hearing aids wirelessly connect to your mobile phone or TV to stream audio, much like headphones.
Apps are available to control some hearing aids discreetly from your mobile phone.
Some hearing aids even connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) to work alongside other smart devices within your home.
Others can even translate 27 languages in real-time!
Examples of hearing aids

Meet your audiologists

Celeste de Freitas
Celeste de FreitasB.A. & M.A. Audiology
Audiologist and Hearing Aid Consultant
Daniel Sirah
Daniel Sirah
Samuel Henderson
Samuel Henderson
Antonio Falcao
Antonio Falcao
Rebecca Webb
Rebecca Webb
Wax Removal Clinician

What happens during your appointment?

Audiologist speaking to patient
An introduction

An introduction

You’ll be introduced to one of our friendly and experienced audiologists. They have a wealth of knowledge from years of helping people hear better and feel more connected to the world around them.
Learning of your lifestyle

Learning of your lifestyle

The audiologist will listen carefully, taking their time to understand fully about your lifestyle and how you hear in a variety of situations. Hobbies and interests will be discussed too. The more detail you can tell them, the more they can help, and of course it is best to be 100% honest to get the best from the appointment. There is no need for any embarrassment.
Your lifestyle
Pill bottle
Your medical history

Your medical history

The audiologist will take details of any relevant medical history and any personal history which is also relevant to your hearing. The audiologist will look out for previous conditions which may offer more insight, e.g. ear infections or tinnitus.
Checking the health of the inner ear

Checking the health of the inner ear

Next is otoscopy - the inner ear is carefully examined using an otoscope. This is not painful and helps your audiologist check the ear canal and tympanic membrane or eardrum. Wax build up can be monitored at this time as well.

The health of your ear drums is checked and they'll measure the function of your middle ear. Hearing tests will also be performed in order to detect what levels you hear at varying frequencies.


This part of the test is unique to The Hearing Care Partnership and not usually offered by other high-street hearing care providers. Previously tympanometry was only carried out in specialist ENT clinics at hospitals.

A test of the eardrum and condition of the middle ear is carried out. It's a quick, painless and simple procedure which alters the pressure in your ear canal and records the movement of your ear drum. It can detect a range of conditions, from glue ear to eustachian tube dysfunction.
 Pure tone audiometry

Pure tone audiometry

This stage is probably the most important part. Pure tone audiometry determines if you have a hearing loss and measures just how severe it is. Basically at this stage we are looking to find the quietest sound you can hear.

Using headphones, we'll play you a number of tones of different frequencies/levels and then ask you to respond whenever you hear them. When we reach the stage that can no longer hear any tones, we can measure your level of hearing loss.
Pure tone audiometry
Family at dinner table
Speech tests

Speech tests

The final part of the assessment is when the audiologist carries out speech tests. Your speech understanding in noise, in quiet or both, is tested. This test measures how well you hear and understand speech against background noise. Using headphones and pre-recorded sounds, this replicates the conditions found in common everyday environments such as coffee shops or restaurants, where background noise often causes problems for anyone with hearing loss.

A ‘speech-in-quiet’ test is also performed to measure speech recognition without any background noise going on. Both of these tests are as much about testing your understanding of speech as they are a test of your hearing. You may hear words, but not necessarily hear them clearly enough to understand them.

That is the end of the assessment! Once complete you will receive a full breakdown of your results, with recommendations on what to do next and whether hearing aids would be beneficial to you.

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Wax removal

The quick and safe method

Ear wax is great for the health of your ears, it cleans the ear canal and plays a vital role in preventing infection. The wax, along with very small hairs, traps dust and other foreign particles that could damage the ear. 

However, some people produce more wax than others, making them prone to a build up over time. Using earphones or ear plugs can encourage wax to build up. Going against advice and cleaning with cotton buds could push the wax further down the ear canal causing it to harden and become impacted.

We offer an ear wax removal service using the latest, safest wax removal methods. Our Wax Removal Clinicians use a technique called micro-suction which is the cleanest and safest method of wax removal. The WRC will insert a very thin suction tube into the ear canal. The tube is connected to what is effectively a vacuum unit, which then draws wax and other debris out of the ear canal.

Book your wax removal appointment:

Hearing pain
  • Professional micro-suction ear wax removal.
  • No liquids are used meaning it is clean, non-invasive, and allows Natalie to clearly see the ear canal.
  • Widely considered the quickest, safest, and most effective method of wax removal.

Have questions?

It's a sensitive subject...

Believe it or not, many people persevere with mild hearing loss for as long as seven years without seeing a professional.Talking to someone about their hearing loss can be quite difficult as it is a senstive subject to bring up. It is not uncommon for people to deny that there is an issue with their hearing so try to plan the conversation and what you want to say, be compassionate and highlight the positive outcomes of an improvement of their hearing.

You can read more tips over on the THCP website.

Not true...

Sometimes there is still a stigma around hearing loss, so people may not seek help with their hearing due to embarrassment about using hearing devices. However, hearing aids have come a long, long way in recent years, they are stylish, discreet and subtle. They also attract a lot less attention than constantly asking people to repeat themselves.

If you feel you have any form of hearing loss, there are a wide range of treatment options to suit your needs. Book today if you're concerned about your hearing, choose your local store: Battle, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Polegate, Seaford, St. Leonards or Uckfield.

A number factors can contribute to hearing loss.

There are a number of potential causes of hearing loss. Causes could be treatable or permanent. Any symptoms could give you an idea on what could be causing it but please do book an appointment if you are concerned. Choose your local store: Battle, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Polegate, Seaford, St. Leonards or Uckfield.

Your hearing test is free!

All hearing assessments from The Hearing Care Partnership are free of charge.

You'll get the time you deserve...

Hearing assessments can take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes. The audiologists at The Hearing Care Partnership will always provide as much time as you need to ensure that you get the best possible care and all the information you need during your visit.

It would be very beneficial to bring along a friend or relative.

We firmly believe it is an excellent idea to bring someone along to the appointment. It may make you feel more at ease and it is very handy for them to also hear the information provided. It’s always worth remembering that hearing loss does affect those around you too, so they’ll be just as keen to support you on the journey to better hearing.

Should you decide to try a hearing aid during your appointment, a voice which is familiar to you is always the best thing to hear, not least because you’ll notice an improvement immediately when they speak to you!
people in the UK suffer with hearing loss
of these are aged 60 and over
people in the UK could benefit from hearing aids
people in the UK use hearing aids

By 2030, adult onset hearing loss will be in the top ten of disease burdens in the UK above cataracts and diabetes, as measured by disability life adjusted years.


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