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X-Tra Clean Coating: So Smooth, Nothing …

Clean lenses, all day long? Let's admit it, keeping our lenses can be a...

access_time 8:30AM, 10 February 2020

Stroke Awareness Day

On Saturday, our Battle team welcomed the Rotary Club of Senlac in-store for...

access_time 10:47AM, 7 October 2019

Another award for Barracloughs!

We couldn't be happier to announce that Barracloughs have won yet another award...

access_time 12:29PM, 27 September 2019

We're improving your Eastbourne store!

It's time for your Eastbourne store to undergo some changes - we'd like...

access_time 1:37PM, 18 September 2019

A New Look for Your Uckfield Store!

We can't believe it's been four years since we joined the lovely town...

access_time 10:46AM, 17 June 2019

Can Botox Really Affect Your Vision?

Botox is one of the most popular non invasive cosmetic procedures offered, with...

access_time 11:09AM, 15 May 2019

Free Upgrade to ColorMatic Lenses

Whether bright sunshine, artificial light, shade or twilight - the constant adaptation to...

access_time 3:45PM, 5 April 2019

Demodex Mites and How to Fight Them

It's not a nice thought, but Demodex is the most common microscopic mite...

access_time 2:07PM, 15 March 2019

In Focus: Eye Health

DSE (Display Screen Equipment)

Posted by David Cleworth


Posted by David Cleworth

Top Ten Tips to Healthy Eyes!

Posted by David Cleworth

How Can Diabetes Affect the eye?

Posted by David Cleworth


Posted by David Cleworth
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