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Being independent we are able to offer an extremely diverse range of eyewear collections.

From unique and quirky independent collections to designer brands, at Barracloughs you'll find the look you may not have even realised you were looking for! The perfect style for every face.

Lens types at a glance...

With so many different types of lenses and coatings available, it can seem quite daunting when offered the choice. Our experienced dispensing opticians and optical dispensers will know what lens types and coatings would be most suitable, based on your lifestyle, career and hobbies. 

We have proudly worked alongside Rodenstock for over 30 years, providing quality branded lenses you can rely on.
One power from edge to edge
Single vision lenses have one single prescription which covers the whole lens. They're commonly used for general wear, for those who are long or short-sighted. Reading, driving or computer work are very common tasks where single vision lenses are ideal.

If you find you're squinting your eyes to be able to see sharper in the distance or you are having headaches when reading or using a computer for a long time, your vision could be struggling.
Uncut lenses
Man wearing single vision lenses
Also known as varifocal or progressive lenses...
As we become older, ours eyes change and the lens of the eye is no longer quite as elastic as it once was! This makes it more difficult for the eyes to switch between near and distance vision. Multifocal lenses are the ideal solution because you no longer need to switch between two pairs of spectacles to achieve great vision all day, regardless of the task in hand.

Enjoy infinitely variable sharp vision at all distances with customised Rodenstock multifocal lenses.
Uncut lenses
Man wearing single vision lenses
Very similar to progressive lenses
Once you're in your 40s, you might notice the symptoms of presbyopia (long-sightedness) - you'll be holding newspapers, magazines or digital devices at arms length to be able to focus.

Bifocals and trifocals are very similar to progressive lenses in that they respectively offer two or three prescriptions in one lens. The difference is that there is often a visible line across the lens with bifocals and also these lenses often provide a wider area for reading and computer work than progressive lenses do.
Example of bifocal lenses
Man wearing bifocal lenses
Ideal for all that screen work
Whether you're in the office (or home office!) the incredible Ergo® near comfort lenses will alleviate the strain on your eyes and posture - leaving you with more energy for the more important things in life! At the workplace the view always has to adapt to different distances, to the desk to monitors and colleagues. This can be exhausting: Working on screens can very often lead to dry eyes, headaches or tension in the neck and shoulders.

Not only that, the need for your eyes to quickly focus on different distances, all that monotonous screen work, poor lighting and dry eyes caused by infrequent blinking all add up to a real challenge for your eyes.

With lenses specifically designed to account for various distances without tiring out your eyes, you'll soon find yourself more being more productive.
Uncut lenses
Thinner and lighter lenses
Hi-index lenses are much thinner and lighter, plus they tend to look more stylish. They're a fantastic option for those who have a strong short-sighted prescription.

Basically, high-index lenses bend the light more efficiently than regular lenses.
Hi-index lenses
Lady wearing Hi-index lenses
You're losing more light to reflections than you might think
Almost 10% of light doesn't reach the back of your eye due to it reflecting off your lens. This lost light makes a huge different to how well you see. With an anti-reflection lenses (or "AR lenses"), 99.5% of light can enter the eye. This optimised vision will be very noticeable, especially in the dark.

AR lenses also reduce glare so tasks like night driving would be less strenuous on the eyes.
Car headlights through regular lenses
Car headlights through lenses with an anti-reflection coating
Add a hint of colour to your lenses, whether they're regular spectacles or sunglasses
Give your lenses that certain something and choose the lens colour that suits you best from our large colour portfolio. Tint colours not only differ visually, but also bring various benefits, e.g. better vision while driving, with them. Contact us if you'd like to discuss tint options and remember we can offer self-tinting Colormatic lenses!
Lens tints
Lenses on specs tinting
Once you try polarised lenses, you'll never go back!
How many times have you noticed how sunny days can cause a blinding glare from reflective surfaces such as water, snow or glass? This can sometimes even be noticeable when wearing ordinary tinted sunglass lenses because they only reduce ambient light that reaches. By their very nature, ordinary tinted sunglasses cannot
block glare.

Polarised lenses can change the way light travels to your eye, and they can greatly reduce glare from the surfaces mentioned above. This makes them a great choice for sports eyewear such as sailing, biking or skiing. Polarised lenses will still protect you from UV but they'll also reduce strain on the eyes and give you clearer and more accurate vision.

If you are still finding that you squint when wearing your sunglasses, polarised lenses could be the answer as we can provide lenses which eliminate 99% of that irritating glare!
View without polarised lenses
Example with polarised lenses
Anti-reflective lenses

Anti-reflective lenses

Standard spectacle lenses allow around 91% of light to enter the eye, that other 9% is lost as it reflects back off the lens - that's quite a lot of light to be lost. With an anti-reflection coating, 99.5% of light can enter the eye as less bounces back, which simply means you'll see better! They're great for every day use but particularly helpful for computer use.

Sometimes anti-reflective lenses are referred to as anti-glare, reflection-free, or AR/MAR coated.
Dust and water repellent lenses

Water repellent lenses

It can be so frustrating when you're out in the rain and the drops obscure your view. They'll cling to the lens more than you expect!

We can coat lenses to provide protection against drops of water, thanks to its drip-off effect. The lens will also contain dust-repellent properties.
Scratch resistant lenses

Scratch resistant lenses

Have you ever ended up noticing tiny scratches on your lenses? You're not alone, many people end up cleaning their lenses with their jumper or t-shirt, but abrasive particles in the fabric can create tiny scratches. Over time, the lenses can even become cloudy and affect your vision.

Having a scratch-resistant coating on both sides of your lenses mean they have a harder surface which won't scratch as easily. Children's lenses would especially benefit from this coating for obvious reasons!

Always use a quality microfibre cloth to clean your spectacle lenses.
X-Tra Clean lenses

X-Tra Clean lenses

Our innovative X-Tra Clean coating gives your lenses considerably more smoothness, thus ensuring that nothing sticks... and the lens stays clean! This advanced lens has been finished with flexible molecular chains that have water and oil-repellent properties - previous coatings attract dust, dirt, water, fingerprints and reflections.

A survey of 100 spectacle wearers carried out on behalf of Rodenstock by an independent company found that 100% of respondents cleaned the X-Tra Clean lenses without streaks. Of the testers, 93% said they were able to remove fingerprints and noticed easier cleaning.
What we offer at Barracloughs
A wide choice of brands and suppliers

Independent and designer brands

Being independent means we have an infinite choice of fantastic eyewear suppliers and eyewear brands to choose from. This gives you more choice whether it's a unique independent British brand or a well known designer name - it's your choice!

Children's eyewear

Little faces require frames that fit those little faces! And they need to be durable too, we stock a great range of styles for children, many of which are free if you have a qualifying GOS3 NHS Voucher.

Looking for great quality sunglasses for your children? Minishades are a fantastic choice! Read more on those down below!
Kids eyewear
Sunglasses at Barracloughs


Living in Britain doesn't really send a lot of sunshine our way, but when it does shine in the summer, it shines bright! Plus, we recommend sunglasses (prescription or otherwise) all year round anyway - that low winter sun is dazzling and it's definitely no bad thing to protect your eyes from UV at every opportunity. Don't forget, you can always opt for self-tinting Colormatic lenses.

We supply fantastic options for children too, including Minishades, which are really tough and block 100% of UV. They also all come with polarised lenses to reduce glare/reflections. The icing on the cake is that they are backed by the Hide n Seek Loss Warranty so if your little ones lose their Minishades or somehow break them, you can request a replacement pair for free! There is just a small charge of £4.99 for delivery.

Paediatric eyewear

For babies and younger children, Miraflex Glasses are the perfect solution. Italian made, flexible, safe, plastic frames with no metal parts ensure your little ones are safe and see well. All designs are BPA free, latex free and hypo-allergenic.
Eyewear for babies
Glasses designed for all facial features

Eyewear to fit all faces

We can offer frame collections specifically designed to fit the facial features often associated with Down's syndrome, such as a low nose bridge, small ears and close-set eyes. All of these features can have a huge effect on how well-fitted the spectacles are.

Similarly, we can provide Asian-fit spectacles, which address the specific features of wider faced individuals with higher cheekbones and a flatter nose bridge.

Sports eyewear and protective eyewear

If you're the athletic type, we can accommodate your visual needs, regardless of sport! Prescription goggles for swimming, squash or skiing are just a few examples, or you may be after eyewear for golf, sailing or hiking? Contact us if you're interested in prescription sports eyewear so that you can give your full potential!

We can also provide protective eyewear for the workplace.
Eyewear for sports
We have a contact lens plan to suit all budgets

Contact lenses

Obviously we offer a huge selection of contact lenses which can be worn over different wearing schedules such as daily, fortnightly or monthly. Our contact lens plans make it easy to pay for your lenses and solutions each month and include a host of extra benefits!

We can also provide EyeDream orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) lenses which you wear overnight and then remove in the morning to enjoy clear vision throughout the day!¹

¹Suited to those with a spherical spectacle prescription of -0.75D up to -5.00D or astigmatism of up to -2.50D

Is your faceoval?square?round?heart shaped?triangular?

Pretty much any style will look great on an oval face. It's the most common shape so you can safely use your own creativity as to what shape you go for!
You’ll likely have chiselled jaw lines, angular lines and equally wide cheekbones, forehead and jaw. Sunglasses with curved designs can soften sharp angles whereas wider designs will balance your cheekbones. We have a great selection of oval and round frames ideal for your face.
Round faces will have an overall softer appearance, full cheeks and be equal in width and length. Usually the chin will be rounded too. Look for lenses which are wider and nose pads which keep the frames off your cheeks. Sharper angles will add balance and help define your curved facial features.
Heart shaped
Heart shaped faces are the opposite of triangle faces. They’re widest at the forehead and gradually taper at the jaw, narrowing towards the chin. Find frames that are proportionate to your face by looking for styles that have a deep base and subtle wingtips that are slightly wider than your forehead.
A face widest at the jaw and narrowest at the forehead so balance out your stunning features with specs that are the opposite way round. Look for styles that are widest at the top, narrowest at the bottom. Specs with a wider brow line will draw attention away from your jawline and at the same time elongate your forehead.

Eyewear, as individual
as you are

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