What happens in an Eye Test?

The Sight Examination

First of all, we discuss any problems you might have with your eyesight and general health. Many eye conditions are health related. To assess your visual needs, we also discuss your work and leisure activities.

If you already wear spectacles or contact lenses, we check them to see if they are still suitable for your vision.


This part of your examination finds out whether you need optical lenses to correct your eyesight. We test your near vision (for reading), your distance vision (for driving or TV) and your intermediate vision (for hobbies or computer work).

Oculomotor Balance

We check that your eye muscles are co-ordinated and you have comfortable vision at all distances.

Intraocular Pressure

Too much pressure inside your eyes can indicate glaucoma, a disease which eventually leads to blindness if left untreated. This test is usually only carried out on people over 40 or those with glaucoma in the family.


Evaluates the health of your eyes. Conditions such as diabetes, cataracts, hypertension and macula degeneration can be detected and monitored by an eye examination.

Retinal Photography / Scanning

A photograph of the back of your eye is taken using a Digital Retinal Camera, allowing us to carry out a more detailed check for glaucoma, diabetes, age related macular degeneration and other conditions (additional service option). Read more here about Retinal Photography and Retinal Scanning using our new Daytona Optomap Scanner (currently only available at our Eastbourne store).

Visual Fields Screening

Where appropriate we check your all-round vision and your peripheral eyesight.

Colour Vision / Depth Perception

These tests are carried out where appropriate for career or vocational requirements.

Children's sight exams can be carried out slightly differently to achieve accurate results
Children's sight exams can be carried out slightly differently to achieve accurate results

Prescriptions from Elsewhere

Although we love examining eyes (and we like to think we're pretty good at it) we do understand that many people do shop around for spectacles and as such we are more than happy to accept, quote and make new spectacles to other Opticians prescriptions.

It is worth noting however that advice from the professional optical bodies still recommends that the function of eye examination and spectacle dispensing are closely linked and that it is in the customer's best interest to have both carried out by the same Opticians.

We can make spectacles to any age prescription but it is always worth considering having another eye-examination to verify the prescription if it is over a year old or you are planning on investing a reasonable amount of money on your new spectacles.

Please phone or call in at any of our practices if you require any further advice or help.

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