We Recycle Where We Can

Everybody tries to do their bit for the planet and we're no exception at Barracloughs. At all of our stores we endeavour to recycle everything that we can. Most of the recyclable consumables are sent by each store to our Head Office, where they are sent to the various recycling centres or collected by our waste disposal firm for recycling in the correct manner.


Each of our stores has a special collection point, purely for old and unused spectacles. These are then sent off to Vision Aid Overseas for recycling and re-use. The gold coloured spectacles are sent away to be smelted by a special metal recycler to raise funds. Older, vintage spectacles are separated and offered for sale to eyewear merchants who restore them and sell them on. All other spectacles are separated by material (metal or plastic) and sent away to be recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible. All of the above generates a huge amount of money to help fight poverty by transforming access to eye care in developing countries. Do you have any old pairs of specs lying around? They could change the life of someone less fortunate than us. Visit the Vision Aid Overseas website for more details.

Computers and Internal Hardware

With eight stores and a Head Office, we use a lot of computers. Inevitably these need replacing from time to time, either as a result of hardware failing, or because we are moving along as technology advances. All old computers are held at our Head Office and then picked up for recycling or delivered by us. The hard drives are shredded whilst the remaining components are donated to charity. Please see Computers for Charities for more details and click here to see our latest thank you letter from CFC.

Inks and Toners

We try our best to be paper-free but there are always times when we need to print. We make sure that all of our ink cartridges and empty toners are recycled. We also often use recycled toners for our laser printers where possible.


We recycle our dead batteries at local supermarkets. Standard alkaline batteries being dumped at landfill sites is causing a significant amount of toxic waste, not to mention other environmental issues. By sending our old batteries off to be disposed of properly, we feel we are doing our small part to help.

Paper, Cardboard and Plastic

All of our stores have specific bins for paper, plastic and cardboard, which is collected twice weekly for recycling.

All other refuse which cannot be recycled is disposed of/collected separately.

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