Sarah Watters

Sarah Watters


Smoking - Do You See the Risks?

As week five of Eyes on Health kicks off, we look at the many risks to the health of your eyes caused by smoking. Even though the proportion of UK adults smoking today has declined to its lowest level since recording started in the 1940s, there are still around 10 million who are yet to break the habit. They all have an increased likelihood of suffering a number of eye conditions, as well as the risk of complete vision loss. To put it bluntly, if you're a smoker you're twice as likely to lose your sight compared to a non-smoker.

The Link Between Smoking and Sight Loss

Currently there are a staggering 1.1 billion smokers in the world (8 million of those in the UK) - this means that each and every one of those 1.1 billion people has a significantly higher risk of suffering from eye disease than non-smokers.

Nutrition and the Eye

We all try to be as healthy as possible these days, and the majority of us would eat better to feel better and have a healthier body. Did you know that your eyes will also benefit from these healthier foods?

Vitamins A, C and E have been found to help maintain healthy cells and tissues in the eye. If you eat any of the foods mentioned below, you're on the right track to help achieve healthy vision for life.

Women's Eye Health

Ladies, are you concerned about your vision? Have you considered the health of your eyes recently? Did you know that more women than men suffer from common eye conditions? The majority of people are not aware of this statistic and may benefit from the following suggestions:

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