Nigel Barraclough

Nigel Barraclough


Goodbye 2020... looking ahead stars

To say that 2020 has been a turbulent year is an understatement. Everyday life for most of us came to a grinding halt in March, leaving the world struggling. Many were forced to work from home or worse, lose their jobs. Schools closed too, and we had to remain indoors in an attempt to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Contact Lenses

Believe it or not, contact lenses have been around for well over 100 years. Previously only available as rigid lenses, soft contact lenses became available more recently and quickly became the preferred choice. If you've been considering contact lenses but have been unsure of the benefits, the facts or the risks - look no further as we explain everything to you. We have more information across our Social Media platforms all week too!

Healthy Vision at Work

It's our fourth week of Eyes on Health already! The weeks are flying by, and this week we take a look at how to prolong the health of your vision in the workplace. So many of us spend so much time at work, we really need to think about how our eyes could be suffering day in, day out. Today we'll talk about a number of ways to ensure the very best care for your eyes during your day (or night) at work. As always, we'll be posting more throughout the week on our Social Media channels so keep an eye out there too.

The Solar Eclipse, Stay Safe!

If you miss the solar eclipse tomorrow, you may have to wait a long, long time to see the next one. Are you prepared?

We last experienced a total eclipse of the sun in August 1999, but did you know that the following year the Royal College of Opthalmologists published a study detailing the effects on those who viewed the eclipse. An astonishing 70 people reported a loss of vision.?Make sure you're not part of the statistics for 2015.

Sight After 60

As we age, it is important to keep a close eye on changes not only with your vision but with your eye health in general. The NHS in England and Wales recommend eye examinations for the over 60's every two years to monitor any changes. Because of this, they cover the cost of the sight exam.

Contact Lenses for Children

Did you know that almost one in five children aged 5-15 years, rising to almost one in three 16-19 year olds need vision correction yet only about one in twelve of those who could wear contact lenses currently do so. Many more children and teens would potentially benefit from contact lenses.

Dry Eye Relief with MGDRX EyeBag

MGDRX EyeBag is the latest effective treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and other common dry eye syndromes and complaints. Convenient, simple and ridiculously easy to use, the EyeBag is a re-usable warm compress which treats a variety of eyelid and eye problems. Eye Surgeons, doctors and opticians frequently advise regular use of a warm compress but hot wet face flannels are a real hassle and less effective than the MGDRX EyeBag.

Overnight Vision Correction Now Available

We're pleased to announce the launch of revolutionary overnight vision correction contact lenses, EyeDream. This popular alternative to laser surgery could be the ideal solution for you if you've ever considered laser eye surgery but have been put off by the cost and potential risks.

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