Investments to keep you safe

As soon as it is safe for us to reopen, we'll do so - and look forward to seeing you all again. When that time comes (hopefully in the not-too-distant future) you can be assured that not only your eye care will be our priority, but your safety too. During lockdown we have invested in a number of resources and equipment, ranging from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to in-store social distancing measures such as screens and cleaning stations - and more recently, new technology to improve safety.

Nobody likes it when the optician has to check the pressures of your eyes because it involves a quick puff of air to the eye. The procedure, called non-contact tonometry, produces a rapid air puff which temporarily changes the shape of the front of your eye. A special receiver within the tonometer measures just how quickly the cornea returns to its usual shape - this allows the optician to calculate the pressure inside the eye. It's an essential test, it's quick and painless but the air puff can make you jump!

Putting you first 

Where possible, we will use the latest technology to accurately measure eye pressure safely without any air puff, anesthetic drops or other preparation. Icare® tonometers are safe because of a single-use probe - the measurement requires no air or anesthetic drops. These probes are individually packaged for safe and contamination free measurement, and used just once per customer. Quite often we will still need to use the air-puff method but please ask your optician if you would prefer the Icare® tonometry.

Icare® tonometry, keeping you safe
Icare® tonometry, keeping you safe

Contact-free face measurements

For many years we have been taking face measurements using our ImpressionIST® 3D video measurement mirror. To increase safety, we will be using the ImpressionIST® for all facial measurements at all stores.

There is no contact from our dispensing opticians - you simply look into the mirror, images are taken from two perspectives by two specialist cameras. Parameters of your face, combined with the selected frame, are measured exactly, as is the distance between your pupils and their diameter. All of this is captured in seconds with no need for close contact from others in-store - our dispensing opticians can stand over 2m away whilst this takes place. You're kept safe and you'll soon be wearing spectacles of a perfect fit, you deserve nothing less!

ImpressionIST<sup>®</sup> 3D video measurement means a safer service
ImpressionIST® 3D video measurement means a safer service

Cleaning stations

When we reopen we won't be cutting corners with hygiene and cleanliness. Regular cleaning breaks will take place throughout the day and any frames which are tried on will be cleaned thoroughly before being returned to the display. You'll find screens on all reception desks and clearly marked floors to assist social distancing. 

We hope to see you all again soon, but in the meantime... stay safe and well.

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