X-Tra Clean Coating: So Smooth, Nothing Sticks

Clean lenses, all day long?

Let's admit it, keeping our lenses clean can be a real pain - how many times a day do you find yourself giving your lenses a clean? A smudge here, a fingerprint there. This is now a thing of the past with the new, revolutionary X-tra Clean coating on your Rodenstock lenses.

X-tra Clean from Rodenstock

The innovative coating gives your lenses considerably more smoothness, thus ensuring that nothing sticks... and the lens stays clean. This advanced lens has been finished with flexible molecular chains that have water and oil-repellent properties - previous coatings attract dust, dirt, water, fingerprints and reflections.

Anti-reflection coatings are a very important contribution towards clearer vision, they're fantastic for night driving and computer work, but we recommend AR coats to everybody. Did you know that approximately 10% of light can be lost due to reflection? Less light reflecting off the lenses means more light entering your eye - giving you crisper and sharper vision. But even so, anti-reflection lenses are just as difficult to keep clean as any other lens. The new Rodenstock X-tra Clean anti-reflection coating repels all of that to a huge degree - and if you do find any small traces of anything on your lenses, it is so much easier to clean off (streak free!) thanks to the incredibly smooth surface.

The X-tra Clean coating can be applied to other lens types such as Road, or Ergo, giving you an even better lens with a premium coating. Think of X-tra clean as your favourite non-stick frying pan!

In a survey of 100 spectacle wearers carried out on behalf of Rodenstock by an independent company found that 100% of respondents cleaned the lenses without streaks. Of the testers, 93% said they were able to remove fingerprints and noticed easier cleaning.

X-tra Clean lenses guarantee:

  • Optimal dirt, water and dust-repellent properties
  • Easy cleaning with no streaks and residue
  • Long-lasting clean and crystal-clear vision

The X-tra Clean coating can be applied to a wide range of prescriptions, but not all - please ask for details.

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