Free Upgrade to ColorMatic Lenses

Whether bright sunshine, artificial light, shade or twilight - the constant adaptation to changing light conditions demands peak power from your eyes. Rely on spectacles that are able to think for themselves: thanks to ColorMatic IQ® 2 - the intelligent self-tinting lenses from Rodenstock.

Upgrade to photochromic lenses at no extra charge
Upgrade to photochromic lenses at no extra charge


ColorMatic lenses adapt automatically to any light situation: they are fully clear indoors and darken optimally outdoors depending on the light intensity. They simultaneously offer ideal UV and glare protection. In brief: intelligent spectacles for all environments. As a pioneer in the field of self-tinting lenses, Rodenstock can yet again set new standards with the next generation of the ColorMatic range. No matter the conditions out there, you can look forward to exceptional product performace, thanks to new lens dyes with a unique molecular structure.

Experience the difference and upgrade to ColorMatic lenses for no extra charge between 1 April and 30 June. Available on all lenses except NetLine.

ColorMatic IQ® 2 lenses are available in three timeless design tints:

Choc Brown
Lightly contrast-enhancing in the darkened state, a stimulating and motivating effect

Pure Grey
Consistent colour reproduction in all light conditions, a neutral and balancing effect

Racing Green
Very natural, slight contrast enhancing colour reproduction in the darkened state. A soothing, relaxing and calming effect

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