DNEYE - The Fingerprint of Your Eyes

Your eye is as individual as your DNA. Exact measurement data is the first step towards glasses with which you can fully exploit your vision potential. No eye is perfect, but every eye can be perfectly measured.

Our DNEye® Scanner automatically and highly accurately measures high and low order aberrations for far and near vision. Far more data than usual is recorded thanks to new technology, so that you can use 100% of your personal vision potential. These measurements contain vital additional information about your visual system - we can then use all these parameters to calculate the ideal lens. The result? Your new lenses will compensate for these aberrations and reduce distortions in light, giving you sharper vision.

In the ideal eye, the light entering in the form of an ideal wavefront projects a precise image onto the retina. But that is only theory. In real life, each eye shows aberrations. These lead to a deformation of the wavefront entering the eye which blurs the image which is projected onto the retina.

These deviations are registered by the DNEye® Scanner to create lenses to accommodate for these aberrations.

With DNEye®, you simply see sharper and with higher contrast, which is noticeable at dusk in particular. The greatest comfort and the best compatibility make the vision experience perfect. DNEye® lenses are even better when combined with Rodenstock Road lenses. The reduction in glare when night driving is particularly noticeable.

Premium DNEye Lenses, available at Barracloughs the Opticians
Premium DNEye Lenses, available at Barracloughs the Opticians

The techy bit: The scanner uses high resolution wavefront analysis with brightness-dependent pupillometrics and includes corneal topography and autorefractometer functions.

Nothing touches your eyes during the scan, it is quick and painless. It's incredible how much visual data is captured, allowing you to take advantage of clearer vision.

This device does not miss a single detail

The heart of the DNEye® is the DNEye® Scanner. The best tool for high-precision measurements for near and far vision as well as brightness-dependent changes of the pupils.

  • High resolution wavefront analysis with brightness-dependent pupillometrics
  • Including corneal topography and autorefractometer function
  • Takes near and far vision into account
  • Completely automated, operator-independent measurement by means of real-time eye-tracking
  • Visualisation of the wavefronts and simulation of ametropia
  • Precision transfer to within 1/100 diopters

DNEye® scanning is currently available at your Bexhill and Seaford stores. Book your appointment today and experience your full vision potential.

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