The Ishihara Test

Almost 100 years ago in 1917, a University of Tokyo professor, Dr Shinobu Ishihara, introduced a colour deficiency test that has become one of the most popular of its nature.

Consisting of many, many coloured dots of different sizes forming one large circle, each plate shows either a number or a path through the pattern. The Ishihara Test is now the most widely used colour vision deficiency test and still used by optometrists around the world, including us here at Barracloughs.

We have placed a few examples of the Ishihara plates below - can you see the numbers or paths? Don't worry if you do struggle, don't panic that you're colour blind because even those with normal colour vision sometimes find this test difficult. The full test comprises 38 plates, but if there are colour deficiency issues, these are usually apparent after just a small number of plates/tests.



You may have spotted Ishihara the Reindeer in our shop windows and other Barracloughs Christmas advertising - we based his adorable face on the Ishihara test!


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