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Today we participated in the 2016 Careers Fair at Bexhill Academy which gave almost 250 Year 11 students the opportunity to meet local business representatives to get a clearer picture of the various jobs and roles involved in many different industries.

This was the third careers fair held at the Academy and proved very successful. Events such as this are a fantastic opportunity for students of this age as it provides a real insight into potential lifelong careers they may wish to follow. Whether their passion is for medicine, design. finance or anything inbetween, they have the chance to speak to the people who provide these services day in, day out. It highlights interesting areas of many industries which many people of any age may otherwise have not considered.

We talked to a number of interested students about the various topics which the world of optics covers. These included the face-to-face roles such as ophthalmic studies and dispensing optics, and the lesser known areas such as fashion and design, hardware and software technology and engineering and marketing, among many others.

MD Jeremy Heynes at the Barracloughs stand
MD Jeremy Heynes at the Barracloughs stand

These events are ideal networking opportunities for businesses in the area too, allowing us to meet some brilliant local firms and share experiences and of course services. We'd like to thank Bexhill Academy for holding the careers fair today.

"We thoroughly enjoyed attending the careers fair at Bexhill Academy. We spoke to some very bright and enthusiastic individuals who showed a keen interest in a number of areas of the optical industry. We'll definitely be returning next year."Jeremy Heynes

To find out more about careers within the optical industry, visit our careers page.

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