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Believe it or not, contact lenses have been around for well over 100 years. Previously only available as rigid lenses, soft contact lenses became available more recently and quickly became the preferred choice. If you've been considering contact lenses but have been unsure of the benefits, the facts or the risks - look no further as we explain everything to you. We have more information across our Social Media platforms all week too!

Eyes on Health, week 9 - Contact Lenses
Eyes on Health, week 9 - Contact Lenses

Non contact lens wearers probably have all kinds of unanswered questions regarding what you can and cannot do...

"Can I sleep in contact lenses?"

"Is it true that a contact lens can slip and
get stuck around the back of your eye?"

"Are they uncomfortable?"

"My prescription is very high, can I still wear contact lenses?"

We'll answer these questions and more. Read on:

The Benefits of Contact Lenses

One of the biggest benefits of wearing contact lenses, is the natural look they provide. Some people just don't like the idea of wearing spectacle frames because of how much they can change the way you look (however, this can of course be a good thing too - specs are now widely considered a fashion accessory). Contact lenses obviously don't alter your appearance in any way (with the exception of our Acuvue Define lenses) so if you require some form of vision correction but are really against the idea of spectacles, contact lenses are the ideal choice. They won't obscure your face at all. Tiny details could sway the decision for some - for example, the ability to show off your eye make-up or perhaps the ability to keep up with fashion and wear the latest non-prescription sunglasses!

Contact Lenses, ideal for sports
Contact Lenses, ideal for sports

For the athletic types out there, spectacles just aren't as practical as contact lenses, which won't bounce up and down or slip off your face during active sports. You can also wear contact lenses with any type of head gear and people would be none the wiser. Some spectacles can create reflections or distortions through the lenses - but contact lenses sit right against the eye, meaning there is no distortion at all. Splashing is not an issue either, giving you clearer vision whatever the sport and whatever the weather!

There are Risks (if you don't follow the rules)

Contact lenses can provide you with years of vision comfort so long as you follow the rules and wear them as directed. For example, wearing daily disposables for more than a day at a time can in extreme cases lead to blindness. Last year there was a report of a Taiwanese girl who was left blinded after keeping a pair of disposable contact lenses in her eyes for six months.The lenses were not cleaned once during all that time. Not enough oxygen could reach the eye which caused the surface tissue to break down creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. A microscopic bug (anacanthamoeba)infected the eye and was able to burrow into the cornea (source: Metro). This is a shocking story but one which should be remembered by anybody who wears disposable contact lenses.

Wearing novelty contact lenses also carries risks. Thousands of people buy novelty lenses, especially during Halloween, but many are poorly manufactured and the packaging of these lenses often do not carry warnings. These lenses are readily available online and in many high street stores which is scary considering the damage they can cause, which includes blindness.

Some people may say that a contact lens can slip around the back of the eye and get stuck - this is not possible. It is more likely to be under one of your lids. The conjunctiva membrane prevents the lens from slipping too far around your eyeball.

The Myths...

I'm too old to wear them
Not true! There are no age limits when it comes to contact lenses. Bifocal and varifocal options are also commonly available these days!

My prescription is too high
Contact lenses have come a long way over the years meaning they can now be tailored to most prescriptions. Astigmatism and varifocal requirements can also be catered for!

They're uncomfortable to wear
These days, contact lenses are extremely comfortable to wear, in particular the softer lenses. The materials which make up the lens now allow more oxygen through to the eye, keeping your eyes fresh

They're difficult to use
Once you get the hang of contact lens insertion and removal, it'll be second nature. We'll show you how to use them, answer any questions you may have and explain what you can and cannot do with them.

I can't wear eye make up if I wear contact lenses
You can wear eye make up, just apply the make up after you have put your lenses in!

And we have more myths being posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages over the week ahead...

Contact Lenses for Children

Many are unaware that children are able to wear contact lenses, if suitable. We wrote a blog on this back in July which you may find useful if you're considering contact lenses for your child.

Overnight Vision Correction Lenses

Earlier this year we launched EyeDream lenses, which are special orthokeratology lenses to be worn overnight. They reduce the power of the cornea leaving you with clear vision all day without the need for specs or contact lenses. When you go to bed, pop your lenses back in! Visit our EyeDream page to read more on pricing and compatibility of this safe, popular alternative to laser surgery.

EyeDream lenses, safe and reversible vision correction
EyeDream lenses, safe and reversible vision correction

Don't forget, we offer a selection of payment plan options to spread the cost of your lenses. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions about contact lenses or any other aspect of vision care.

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