Healthy Vision at Work

It's our fourth week of Eyes on Health already! The weeks are flying by, and this week we take a look at how to prolong the health of your vision in the workplace. So many of us spend so much time at work, we really need to think about how our eyes could be suffering day in, day out. Today we'll talk about a number of ways to ensure the very best care for your eyes during your day (or night) at work. As always, we'll be posting more throughout the week on our Social Media channels so keep an eye out there too.

Eyes on Health, week 4 - Healthy Vision at Work
Eyes on Health, week 4 - Healthy Vision at Work

We live in a digital world which means a large proportion of people spend their working hours in front of a computer (and many do the same at home). If you're one of these people, you should try to ensure that your posture is correct. Your eyes should be level with the top of your monitor (or slightly below) with a viewing distance of about an arms length from your screen, which should not be tilted - instead keep the screen upright and level. The chair you use should always support your spine, keeping your body as upright as possible and your feet should rest flat on the floor. Any overhead lighting should not be too bright so that the monitor is the brightest light in the room, use blinds or curtains to control the amount of light from the windows.

Take a Break!

It's important to take regular breaks from your computer throughout the day. It's considered that shorter, more frequent breaks are healthier for you than less frequent but longer breaks. A five or ten minute break every hour is better than a twenty minute break every few hours. Your eyes will have been focusing on a fixed distance for some time so try to periodically focus on something in the distance to relieve fatigue. We tend to blink less when working on computers too, which causes dryer, more tired eyes so bear this in mind too.

Obviously if you wear glasses, your choice of lenses will make a big difference to how your eyes feel at the end of a day in front of the computer. They need to be ideal for computer use or any other close-work use such as hobbies or craft work. During these situations, your eyes are continuously moving and focusing on different areas. With the wrong lenses this can be very tiring for you and your eyes as you unconsciously assume an unnatural position to keep everything in focus. Neck pain and headaches are also not uncommon in these situations.

The Answer: Ergo Lenses

Ergo lenses provide the answer as they can be tailored to your lifestyle and can put a stop to the tiredness your day can cause thanks to the ergonomically positioned visual zones. Your head and body posture will improve as well. We also now offer Protect Balance 2 Blue Light reduction lenses which actually block the amount of blue light entering the eye. Blue light is emitted from devices such as computer screens, tablets, smartphones and fluorescent lighting. Over time this blue light can cause tired eyes, disturbed sleep and can even cause damage to the back of the eye. Read more on the benefits of our blue light reduction lenses here. Combining Ergo lenses with Protect Balance 2 gives you the perfect combination if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer or tablet.

Ergo lenses for the workplace or hobbies
Ergo® lenses for the workplace or hobbies

Stay Safe

Whatever your profession, if you're not using adequate eyewear your eyes could be suffering needlessly. Whether it's safety eyewear, sunglasses or sports eyewear - the list is endless as to how much the correct eyewear could improve your lifestyle.

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