We're Improving How We Contact You

2015 will see lot of exciting new developments at Barracloughs, the first of which has begun rolling out this month.

We spent a large portion of 2014 planning and preparing to take our reminder system in-house. Our customer management system allows us to send more personalised correspondence to those on our database. We can also send targetted letters based on not only when an examination is due, but also based on hobbies, previous sales and personal preferences amongst other criteria. Don't worry, we won't begin bombarding you with letters, but when we do contact you, you'll be hearing about our very latest promotions, news and offers that are relevant to you.

The most exciting part of bringing reminders in-house is the freedom and flexibility it offers. We are particularly concious of our carbon footprint, to reduce our impact, we would like to send less letters and replace them with emails or texts where possible. We will still be sending letters unless you've told us otherwise - some people prefer a traditional letter and that's absolutely fine! We are really looking forward to being able to tailor your reminders to your needs. This means you will always be updated in the most convenient manner on the offers that will interest you, including varifocals, contact lenses, promotional events and our latest technological investments.

You can let us know your personal preference straight away by completing this form which should only take a minute, or simply contact your local store. All we need is your name, address, date of birth, your customer ID number (if you have it) and of course your preferred contact method. Alternatively a member of our team will ask you the next time you visit us.

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