Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd Visits Us to Discover the Importance of Regular Sight Exams

Eastbourne MP, Stephen Lloyd visited our Eastbourne store to discuss the importance of regular sight examinations. He also spoke with Director Nigel Barraclough and Store Manager Victoria Neate about the new technology available to opticians, in particular the Daytona digital retinal scanner.

As technology has developed, eye examining and the dispensing of spectacles has moved to new levels. We have invested heavily in instruments like the Daytona Optomap laser retinal scanner which enhances our ability to detect and monitor eye and general health conditions in both adults and children. This is more effective than a routine eye examination alone and I would recommend everyone to consider making it part of their eye examinations. Regular eye examinations are extremely important as many eye and health conditions are preventable.Nigel Barraclough

It takes just seconds for the machine to capture an image of the retina. This provides a permanent record which can be used for future comparison, thus making early detection and treatment more likely. The procedure is comfortable, quick and simple.

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