Rocco by Rodenstock

In 1963 rocco was on everyone's noses (around 4 million noses in fact). The rocco spectacles were striking in their own way and inimitable in their appearance, but then, suddenly... rocco disappeared! Not even the NSA had a clue of where it went. But mysteries are meant to be solved. We like the look of the new range and will be viewing samples shortly, so they should be on our shelves at the end of February. Watch this space.

Bold colours and multifaceted shapes
Bold colours and multifaceted shapes

Coming (back) soon...the "rocco collection BY RODENSTOCK". The correction frames and sunglasses are fresh, young and trendy and convincing with their casual style. With bold colours and multifaceted shapes, the "rocco BY RODENSTOCK" collection will be an eye-catcher for fashion fans and trendsetters.

How would YOU look in a rocco?

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