Spectacles made to order through three-dimensional video measurement

What do you think a pair of spectacles has in common with a suit or a business outfit?

The answer is... both can go perfectly with the other - if they have been perfectly matched. We can do what an outstanding custom tailor can do - but with spectacles! We use the most innovative technology for this. With the ImpressionIST® consultation terminal, which has been registered for a patent, now even more service is being offered in the search for the perfect spectacles.

Your benefits:

  • Natural vision
  • Best looks
  • Greatest wearing comfort
Precise measurements to provide the most comfortable eyewear fit
Precise measurements to provide the most comfortable eyewear fit

The heart of the device is the 3D stereo camera technology for determining your individual data automatically. You look into the mirror attached to ImpressionIST® and are photographed by two cameras from two perspectives. Parameters such as the distance between your pupils are measured precisely with the help of the photographs. Thanks to this technology, you receive an unparalleled individual and precision result - in short, the perfect glasses.

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