Our Brand New Look!

We've always felt that we've moved with the times, but there's been one thing holding us back: our logo. It's served us well for years but having been used since the 80's it now looks tired and dated, it really doesn't portray what we're all about.

A change was needed, something that shows that we're proud to be independent, something that proves we think of you all as individuals rather than just a number. But it had to retain the integrity of Barracloughs and had to appeal to all of you - young, or not so young!

This was quite a task, but after many months of planning, research, meetings with staff and customers, we're proud to present to you our brand new logo and branding. It is a celebration of vision itself, featuring every single colour visible to the human eye - traditional, yet it has the flexibility to appeal to all ages as you can see from the photos. With the new shortened name 'Barracloughs' we now refer to ourselves as others usually have done over the years. Yes, the name of Stiles may be gone but it is never to be forgotten.

Your vision requirements are as individual as you are, and every one of you who steps through our door deserves to be treated as an individual too. Our new branding offers unique bag, case and lens cloth designs to allow us to hand you accessories that will suit YOU rather than a bland and generic design expected to suit everybody.

It'll take us a while to roll out the new look to all seven of our stores (starting with Silverhill) but please bear with us, the end result will be worth it! We hope you like it as much as we do.

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