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Your eyes deserve to feel as fresh at the end of the day as they do at the start. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, your eyes most likely feel tired by the end of the day. This could well be due to the amount of artificial blue light being emitted from the screen and entering the eye.

There are many risks associated with too much blue light
There are many risks associated with too much blue light

It isn't just limited to computer screens either. The screens on tablets, smartphones and televisions all produce light which has an unnaturally high proportion of blue light. This can cause eye strain and in some cases, disturbed sleep.

Permanent Damage

The scary news is the evidence that too much blue light can cause permanent damage to your vision, contributing to the deterioration of cells in the centre of the retina (the Macular). This could lead to Macular degeneration (a condition suffered by over 600,000* people in the UK alone) which could result in loss of vision. Cherish your sight, protect your eyes to prolong healthy vision by introducing them to Protect Balance 2 lenses featuring blue light reduction...

Perfect all-round protection,
365 days a year

It's suggested you unplug at least an hour before you go to bedRodenstock lenses are of exceptional quality and are characterised by long life and excellent cleaning properties. In addition to advanced anti reflective capabilities, these lenses are specially designed to reduce the excessive amount of artificial blue light entering your eyes. They're also twice as scratch-resistant as standard anti-reflective lenses, they block UV and allow as much of the 'good' light through as possible. The result? Healthier and fresher feeling eyes throughout the entire day.

How's your sleeping lately?

As mentioned above, one of the effects of too much blue light is disturbed sleep. If you're wondering why, consider this... you're watching TV late in the evening, say anything past 9pm. Your TV screen is emitting light on the blue wavelength, straight to your eyes. You might check your smartphone or tablet to see what's happening on Facebook - more blue light hitting your eyes. This blue light is known to interfere with the production of the hormone which regulates a natural sleep cycle: Melatonin.

The blue wavelength of light We live in an increasingly digital world so the above example is a very common scenario. How late in the day do you browse your smartphone or tablet? Experts suggest that you unplug at least an hour before you go to bed because essentially, the blue light is tricking your brain into thinking it is still daytime by disrupting your brain's natural sleep-wake cycles.

No Prescription? No Problem.

If you don't require spectacles you can always order non-prescription lenses with the Protect Balance 2 coating to wear when using the devices mentioned above, blocking the blue light during use.

Drop by at any of our eight stores to take advantage of the benefits these lenses provide, it's never too early to start protecting your vision.

*Source: The Macular Society

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