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The Dangers of UV Damage

With summer now far behind us and the winter sports season upon us, it is essential to continue to raise awareness of the importance of protecting eyes from UV damage at all times. A UK survey of contact lens wearers has shown that while 65% of them are concerned about protecting their eyes from harmful UV rays only 6% consider using protection on a cloudy day. Further to this, 90% state they only feel exposed to UV rays in summer,1 however, it is well established that UV exposure can be a significant risk all year round and the hours of peak exposure for the eyes can differ from those of skin.

UV Protection

Exposure to Ultra Violet radiation can cause changes to the front of the eye (the white of the eye). Long term exposure can also result in damage the internal components causing Cataracts in the lenses of the eyes and Macular Degeneration on the retina.

Wearing sunglasses with thicker sides or a wraparound design, increases protection against UV. Wearing a hat is also beneficial, particularly with activities such as dog walking or gardening. With outdoor pursuits such as skiing, sailing or fishing you are exposed to potentially a double dose of UV due to reflections from snow or water.

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