DSE (Display Screen Equipment)

In order to assist in providing a practical cost effective solution to the Health & Safety regulations for employees viewing Computers and VDU's during their working day, we are able to provide optical services for employees requiring eye examinations and spectacles at the special fees stated below.

How It Works

Once an agreement has been reached between Barracloughs and the employer the employee is issued with a letter/form of authorisation which they can present at the eye examination. A measurement and note of the individual's typical working distance (from the eyes to the top of the display screen) should be made on the form. After the examination a report for the company and a copy for the employee are issued.

How Much Does It Cost?

Please take a look at our Fees page to see the current charges for DSE examinations.

Further Details

Frame choice would be from any of our range of frames that alone would normally retail at £30 or below. There is a good choice of styles available in various sizes and colours. Should a more expensive frame be requested by the employee, £30 would be deducted from the price and the employee would pay the difference themselves directly to us.

Should optional tints, anti-reflection coatings or non-standard lenses be requested, the employee would also be able to choose these and pay our normal charges for such extras. Please enquire for further information.

Remember, if you're finding that you suffer from dry eyes in the workplace (perhaps due to air conditioning or long periods of computer use) we can offer some solutions to relieve the sensation of dry eyes.

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