Eyes on Health

To coincide with National Eye Health Week, today we launch our brand new campaign Eyes on Health. Throughout this ten-week campaign, we aim to highlight the ways in which you can enjoy healthier vision thanks to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Each week we will focus on a different topic related to maintaining healthy vision and the simple methods that could help you increase the health of your eyes. This will vary from diet recommendations to simple tips and suggestions based on lifestyle choices.

  • Which antioxidants and vitamins are good for the eyes?
  • How do you ensure the best care for children's vision?
  • What are the easiest ways to prevent long-term damage to the eyes?

These questions and more will be answered throughout the campaign. We hope you find our posts informative, you only get the one set of eyes... take care of them!

Join us for our fun open day at our new St. Leonards store! Enjoy exclusive offers (and cake!)

On Saturday 10th October we will be holding a special open day at our St. Leonards store to share the knowledge and offer you an exclusive discount on the day. We'll knock £25 off when you spend £100 or more on the day! Plus we'll be handing out some delicious home-baked cakes... cakes with a healthy twist! Have you ever tried Beetroot and Chocolate Cupcakes? How about Courgette Cake? Drop by - enjoy a snack or two and a drink of fresh fruit juice or an eye-healthy smoothie, take advantage of our open day offer and why not take home one of our menu cards which feature a selection of eye-healthy smoothie recipes!

Eyes on Health with Barracloughs
Ten topics covering all aspects of achieving healthier vision thanks to a healthier lifestyle.

Win a luxury fruit and veg hamper, care of Sharnfold Farm!

We have teamed up with Sharnfold Farm to offer you the chance to win a luxury fruit and veg hamper. All we ask is that you spend just one minute to complete our simple questionnaire. Once submitted, you'll be entered into our prize draw which will take place on 30th November when the campaign ends. We wish you the best of luck!

Win a luxury hamper care of Sharnfold Farm
Win a luxury hamper care of Sharnfold Farm

To kick things off, we're explaining to you the benefits of eye supplements, why you should use them and what can cause you to need them.

Head on over to our Blog to read our articles (below) as we post them, week on week and take a look at our mini pamphlet which provides some useful nutritional information for your eyes.

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